Electrical Power Optimization

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Reduce Electrical Costs with PMI’s
Automated Power Optimization System

PMI’s SP1000 is an affordable innovative electrical power correction and measurement system that optimizes and balances electricity consumption resulting in reduced overall electrical energy bills all within an ROI from 12 to 24 months.

Key Benefits:
  • UL Tested, approved, and certified
  • Reduces electric bills an average of 7% to 21%
  • Typical ROI payback of less than 24 months
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested in the USA
  • Includes an integrated power recording & management system
  • Increases power capacity within your facility
  • Improves equipment life and improves efficiencies
  • Reduces electric company demand charges

Innovation & Unique Design: The unique system monitors multiple electrical parameters in real time and generates continual automatic capacitive corrective measures and power balance measures(per phase) that optimize voltage & current imbalance, harmonic distortion, neutral line current, and power factor. These automated corrective actions result in reduced electrically energy costs and improved equipment performance. Typical monthly electrical energy savings range from 7% to 21%.

Power Management & Internet Accessibility: The system also provides a complete internet accessible power monitoring system that records and displays 2-years of critical electrical information such as voltage, current, power factor, voltage & current imbalance, neutral line current, harmonic distortion, and energy savings.